Manila Case Studies

Below are past student case studies, these are told in the words of the student.

From Rag to Riches

Who can say that one child from a very less-fortunate area in this world is now a professional teacher? But now he already reaches his dreams. Is it possible that poor children can be a successful one? Yes, it is possible. Do you want to know how?

Hi! My name is Jewel Peter A. Bolos, who has a dream to become a teacher. I live in Manila, Philippines; to be specific; I am living with my family at Payatas, Quezon City. To be honest, Payatas is the place that you will never want to be there, simply because Payatas is a place where full of garbage and a place which has many unfortunate people. We are living near dump sites and have so many flies nearby.

I can proudly say to you people that I am one of the products of “Cashew Tree House Learning Center”, they are the one who gave me hope and knowledge that not only rich people can go to school. When I was studying there, they sponsored for our studies not only me but all the children who can’t afford to go to school. They mold us to have a better future and they insisted to us that we could achieve our goals and we can move our family from poverty into a better life. They gave us much better foods to it, we are not only eating foods from garbage but only eating delicious foods came from them. That is why we are so thankful to have liked them.

We are so thankful to have them because now I am a certified licensed professional teacher, working as a teacher at Papaya Academy Inc., a school that giving free education for the Payatas children. I really love to teach them because I know the feeling of being them and the situations they have. I am really thankful to God also because he used different people to help us and to all people that can’t afford to go to school to have knowledge. They taught us that poverty is neither a hindrance nor obstacle to reach our dreams and to have a better future.

I’m an English teacher and adviser of grade 4 pupils. After I graduated as college, I did not go in teaching profession because I worked as a call representative or as a call center agent. I chose it because of money to help my sister to finish her studies. But after months, I took board exam and luckily I passed it, and I resigned my first job and seek job in teaching. And that is the reason why I’m teaching in Papaya Academy now.

My sister is also one of the products of Cashew Tree House and Papaya Academy. She is now a graduating student taking education, major in pre-school. It was not quite hard to help my sister to finish her studies because Papaya Academy gave them a scholarship in college and they are called “Apple Scholars”.

We are so lucky and blessed to have people like you, who are willing to help poor people even we are not in a same country and nationality. I wish that you can help more people in the Philippines and to the whole world. Again, thank you very much.




Irish Reodique

I was just a typical woman who dreams to have a beautiful and successful life. I know everyone has a right to get what they want. To make it possible, we don’t just dream rather we need to endure all the trials and persevere. The strength and knowledge we have, help us to work on it. Achieving on my present career path will never be good without the help and encouragement of my family and friends. Before, I dream to work in an Automotive Industry. And now, I thank God for the answered prayer! Working in that kind of prestigious company is one of the best career paths I have. Since my father’s income was not enough to support our studies, God gave me ASCF to pursue my dreams. Make me believe that I can do anything, and most especially, to dream that I can be a leader someday. ASCF is charity in our community that helps children and families to change their lives. They support a child for the education and through the work of the foundation I am one of those lucky children that Grapevine supported. ASCF helped me to be more competitive and being kind to everyone. They lead each student to do well and be a blessing to everyone. Through this, I met Lawson’s family my sponsor who supported me from the beginning until I become what I am right now. They are the biggest blessings that I have aside from my family. Presently, I am working on one of the most prestigious Automotive Business Industry and I am proud to say that all my hard work, dedication and sacrifices are worth paid off. All this opportunity push me to be more productive and to learn new things in my life. The key to succeeding is hard work, dedication to the job and the determination.

Irish Reodique
Head, PM Telemarketing Specialist Service Marketing Staff
Honda Cars Marikina


Ma. Rosario Bernadette Castillo Arcilla

“We are a sum of our experiences. Everything that the people around us did be it big or small, made an impact in our life more than we can imagine.”

I am Ma. Rosario Bernadette Castillo Arcilla. I’ve been a part of the Asian Student Christian Foundation (ASCF) and a Grapevine student since I was a freshman in high school, which was almost 11 years ago today. Since then, ASCF helped me with my studies by conducting a weekly tutorial that was held every Saturday, and also helped me financially through the allowances that I have received.
During my 4th year in high school, I took the University of the Philippines College Assessment Test (UPCAT). It was a dream school for many of us and it would be such a joy if one can have the privilege to go and study there. Fortunately, with God’s help and will, I was able to pass the said examination. That time, I cannot contain my happiness and it felt like things are falling into their own places.
Of course, it was just a spur of the moment that I think very positively. Passing UPCAT was just the start of a yet again very long journey towards the dream of being successful in life. I almost didn’t make it to the cutoff of passing the required requirements before enrollment if it wasn’t for Ate Neria Emata who helped me beat the deadline and do everything she can to pass those.

In year 2010 I started studying at the University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) in the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program. Being one of the premiere universities, I doubted myself that I can make it to graduation. Sure enough that my doubts have been increased when I took the courses. It really was difficult there and I have to keep on working hard to finish my studies. What pushes me to always keep working harder is my family who always got my back. If they are working hard to support me, then I must do my part and work harder so I can pay off all the hardships they were having. ASCF, and my sponsors Uncle David and Auntie Jean Bradford, also contributed a bigger part while I was in college. I’ve used the monthly allowances that I have received to pay off the rent for my apartment since I’ve studied far from home.

After 4 years of perseverance, I have finally graduated. I felt so much happiness and my family had twice that happiness especially my parents. That day was one of my milestones in life that I will forever cherish. It is indeed a sparkling moment when you know that all the difficulties you have been through were finally paid off. Until this time, when I look back at those memories, I can still feel the happiness and excitement that I felt.

With the degree that I have achieved, I was able to work for a start-up company named Orchestronix Corporation as an Associate Software Engineer, weeks before our graduation. Being a start-up company, we were only less than 10 people working there. Considering that less people, more work loads are given to us compared to those who work for bigger companies.
For almost 3 years of working there, I have learned a lot from our Chief Technology Officer (CTO). I have grown and matured in our field. I am satisfied with my decision to work for this start-up company for the reason that I have done so much more than I will do if I have gone to a bigger one. Orchestronix had given me a great opportunity to hone my skills whilst continuing to learn. I also experienced to be a team lead for one of their project in which I have handled interns from Ateneo De Manila, UPLB, and iAcademy. Having the experience to lead, I realized that you learn more if you started sharing the knowledge that you have. I think what makes you learn more is that you are forced to master your wisdom so as not to make a mistake of sharing inaccurate intelligence. I was also able to learn from the interns that I have handled through their awesome ideas and so we were able to exchange knowledge and helped improved each other.

After 3 years of working at Orchestronix Corporation, we got acquired by another company named Amihan Global Strategies (AGSX). For a start-up company, being acquired means success in a different level. I started working at Amihan just this year and I am very excited for the experience that I will be having in here. We got some big projects coming up tied with some known client companies. Those projects will be very challenging, but from what I know, the more challenging tasks you have or will be having, the more satisfying it will be when you have actually done it. I am claiming that I will be having a great year being off to a great start. And if I continue on believing, I know it will come true.
All of the things that I was able to have, and all of the things I have and yet to be achieved, I owe it to all the people around me. I am really grateful for I have been a part of the ASCF during my high school and college days. They have given me the support I need back at those times. I thank God the most for giving me His blessings more than I deserve, for strengthening me, for guiding me every day, and for His presence in my life.

Today, there are more Grapevine students that are part of the ASCF. There are more children who will be given assistance and an opportunity to a brighter future. I am forever indebted to this organization and I hope that there will be more institution like this to help more children in our country and in the world.

As the quote at the starts implies, we are what we are because of our experiences, and that we should meet more people. People do not cross our paths by accident, they are meant to make an impact in our life. We may not notice it right away, but sooner rather than later, we will realize them. Had I not met some friends who were part of the ASCF, I won’t know about this foundation. Had I not been a part of ASCF, I won’t be a Grapevine student and I won’t meet people like Ate Irene, Ate Sylver, Ate Jo, Ate Neria, Kuya Craig, and Kuya Peter. Had I not met all those people more importantly Ate Neria who puts a lot of effort passing my college requirements, maybe I was tracing a different path far away from what I am currently in. Life is a series of causes and effects and it is up to us what actions we will make to turn this causes to magnificent effects.


Once A Student of ASCF

Francis Pabua
No words can really completely capture the joyous feelings in my heart when I think of how Asian Student Christian Foundation (ASCF) has benefited so many thousands of children and students these past forty two (42) years including me.
By the way, I am Francis B. Pabua, 23 years of age, former grantee of ASCF-Grape Vine. Five years ago, I graduated a two (2) year Diploma Course in Computer and Electronics Technology at Global Career Access Training with a Bronze Medal Award (equivalent to Cumlaude in a bachelor course). And now, I am working as a Returns Section Comptroller at Dyna Drug Corporation since April 2013 up to present.

I would like to share that back then when I was 13 years old, first year high school, actually I thought that I wouldn’t be qualified due to being overage. But God is great, because I knew that ASCF was the answer to our prayers. Since then, that opportunity of being one of the grantee, inspires me more to strive hard in my studies that I got to be the 1st Honor student on the recognition day in 1st Year, Star Section in 2nd Year, 5th Honor Student in 3rd Year, Class President in 4th Year, at Kasiglahan Village National High School.
Being in Grape Vine, I enjoyed all those Summer Camps held at different places. I remembered that I was once a leader of the group, won competitions, participated actings or role playings, dancing, singing, and other activities. The best part of the camp was I did not came back home without learning lessons, and making new friends.
Moreover, it was also fresh from my memories of I being part of the Christmas Cantata group which I really enjoyed playing as the guitarist. I think the organization really does an amazing job.

ASCF-Grape Vine really had helped me a lot financially, emotionally, and spiritually. I had lots of unforgettable experiences, memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

I wrote this article to let you know how much I appreciated all those enormous effort that you have done. I cannot imagine any possible way to truly express my thanks to your support. I admire and am very grateful to this amazing organization, for your significant contribution on my success as a student. I am also very grateful to Auntie Dianne Forzani for showing her love and support to me through all those years. I am so blessed to have her as my sponsor and hoping and praying that she and her family are doing well.

Thank you to all the people who works very hard until now, specially to Ate Ne, Ate Irine, and Ate Jo. I’d like to request to continue your determination and great sincerity in the service. And also to all the children and my friends at Mango Tree House, thank you for the
What a priviledge it is to be a part of such an amazing foundation, filled with such amazing people! You will always be one of the highlights in my life as a student.
Again, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.