Volunteer Fundraiser

  • Have you ever thought of organising a fundraising event for Children of the Dump?
  • Not sure how to advertise the event?
  • Do you need some inspiration?

Where the volunteer role is based  – Anywhere.239

Opportunity type – Ongoing volunteer role.


Opportunity description

Do you have a desire to make a difference for children living on the rubbish dump in Manila? Could you put that desire to work by organising innovative fund-raising for a small charity that provides long term care and education for these children?


Do you have a great idea for a fund-raising campaign, event or a Facebook page that you can add a ‘Donate’ button to?  Children of the Dump is looking for self-motivated, creative, and inspiring individuals to volunteer fundraise.


The role

We need people like you to organise fundraising or sponsored events in your local area which will raise both money and awareness for Children of the Dump.


All funds raised through your fundraising campaign will be used to make a difference to vulnerable children living in Manila. Fundraising provides us with the funds to provide family care and education to hundreds of deprived children, many living in extreme poverty.


Fundraising roles are flexible and varied, allowing you to fundraise at times that suit you. You will lead all aspects of your fundraising, from planning through to the execution and will need to promote your event effectively to ensure the project is successful.


One of our managers or trustees will be available to offer you advice and support with initial ideas, how to raise awareness through marketing and media, and supply promotional materials: posters, invitations, etc.


Person description

Skills we are looking for:

  • A desire to make a difference to those children living in extreme poverty in Manila and a commitment to the values of the charity.
  • Organised with an attention to detail
  • Reliable
  • Motivated and enthusiastic
  • Friendly, open and approachable
  • Maintaining a good/professional public image
  • Work on your own and effectively within a group
  • Have patience and be understanding


The role is suitable for any person, no qualifications are needed. No previous experience working with a charity or organisation required. We are looking for individuals who are passionate, don’t mind talking (preferably about our charity) and would like to be part of making our charity a success.

What impact the opportunity will have

As a fundraiser for Children of the Dump, you will raise awareness of the charity, letting the public know that we exist and that everyone and anyone can help to make a difference to the lives of those children living in extreme poverty in Manila. Fundraising allows us to provide family care and education to hundreds of deprived children. It’s sad that even in this day and age that children are living on the street or in squalid conditions and missing their education and childhood by having to work alongside their parents, collecting plastic to sell from the vast rubbish dumps in Manila. Volunteers have a direct impact ensuring that the objectives of the charity are met, through raising awareness of the projects we support and fundraising to allow us to financially support these projects. This will result in meeting the real needs of the children.90


What’s in it for the volunteer?

Volunteers are essential to our charity and we are exceptionally grateful for them and what they bring to our charity. Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills, meet new people, have a sense of achievement and have new experiences whilst contributing to a worthy cause. Some perks of being a volunteer are: extra skills to put on your CV, a feel good factor, and gives you a sense of accomplishment that you are truly making a difference to the lives of those who can’t help themselves.



Time commitment

Fundraising roles are flexible and varied, allowing you to fundraise at times that suit you.


Other details

For further information, please email John at or call the office on (+44) 01276 942030  where we will be pleased to chat to you about volunteer fundraising


Please take a look at our fundraising documents below. There is a great A – Z list of fundraising ideas; you might like to organise a ‘Dress Down Day’ at work or run a ‘Karaoke evening’.

There are sample poster and invitations included to promote your event. We can help by customising posters or sponsor forms or send you quiz questions or menu ideas.

So use your imagination and have fun whilst raising money for Children of the Dump.




Fundraising documents: