Cashew Tree School



Why Cashew Tree School closed in 2017

The decision to temporarily close Cashew Tree Learning Centre in 2017 was driven by three issues; Land ownership disputes, registration legislation and funding.

Our short-term plans to reopen the Cashew Tree Learning Centre
Adjacent to our Mango Tree children’s home is the Papaya School which is registered as an elementary school. The school is funded and operated by a Dutch charity and Cashew is a feeder school to Papaya. We have good relations with Papaya. There are empty classrooms in Papaya and our plan is to collaborate with them and seek new registration as part of Papaya to operate kinder and nursery classes in their building. This will be a cost-effective way of re-establishing Cashew. In June 2018; subject to funding being available, we aim to open two classes of thirty children in this temporary accommodation


Cashew Tree School, opened in 1998, provides schooling for up to 200 four to six year olds. It in the heart of the community around the  massive rubbish dump called Payatas on the outskirts of Manila.

This purpose built School runs classes for the poorest children from the most disadvantaged families who exist solely by scavenging through rubbish for anything of value. Their homes are often made of salvaged scrap and built on the edge of the rubbish dump.

The School gives the children the best possible start to their educational life. Class sizes are just 30; the children are taught a well structured curriculum by qualified teachers.

The enthusiastic support of parents and children at this well-equipped and well-staffed school has ASCT Photographer Katie Higsoncreated a huge demand for places. There is no similar facility for the children in the community. Parents are an integral part of the school with a rota for helping to prepare the daily meal provided for the children and supporting the learning environment in many ways.

The facility is also used for community activity such as the weekly bible classes for parents which is extremely well attended and is often the centre for medical missions run for the whole community.

All Cashew children can be sponsored with an annual report and letter sent to the sponsor.